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2010-05 Avneesh Singh

   "The idea that a visually challenged person could read [DAISY] books as a sighted person reads print really fascinated me."
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2011-01 Bernhard Heinser

   "I didn't hesitate when I heard about the Swedish DAISY initiative - SBS would be a part of it."
Bernhard Heinser thumbnail photo
2013-10 Birkir Gunnarsson - Part 1

   "Most importantly, never be afraid to fail."
Birkir Gunnarsson - Part 1 thumbnail photo
2013-11 Birkir Gunnarsson - Part 2

   "Knowledge is power."
Birkir Gunnarsson - Part 2 thumbnail photo
2012-10 Brian MacDonald

   "Our mission parallels DAISY's: to provide people with disabilities equal access to information and knowledge"
Brian MacDonald thumbnail photo
2008-06 Charles Chen

   "Passion for technology, passion for accessibility"
Charles Chen thumbnail photo
2014-02 Chris Downey - Part 1

   "Making more of the positive overwhelms the negative."
Chris Downey - Part 1 thumbnail photo
2014-03 Chris Downey - Part 2

   "There is so much more room for a more equitable and just society."
Chris Downey - Part 2 thumbnail photo
2009-05 Chris Friend

   "From the brewing industry to international advocate"
Chris Friend thumbnail photo
2012-08 Christine Ha

   "Don't be afraid to dream big"
Christine Ha thumbnail photo
2014-08 Christine Ha: Two Years Later

   "TV show host, best selling author, award winner and advocate"
Christine Ha: Two Years Later thumbnail photo
2009-04 Daniel Weck

   "Long live the Geeks!"
Daniel Weck thumbnail photo
2015-09 David Goldfield: The assistive technology landscape keeps changing

   "I enjoy reading books and assisting others to do the same."
David Goldfield: The assistive technology landscape keeps changing thumbnail photo
2007-10 Dipendra Manocha

   "DAISY for Research in developing countries"
Dipendra Manocha thumbnail photo
2011-11 Dominique Burger - Part 1

   "I could combine a professional interest with my own desire to do something useful."
Dominique Burger - Part 1 thumbnail photo
2011-12 Dominique Burger - Part 2

   "The work done by DAISY has structured much of my work, particularly in promoting universal access to reading"
Dominique Burger - Part 2 thumbnail photo
2014-04 Donna Hill - Part 1

   "An abiding certainty that I would overcome all obstacles was not something I experienced."
Donna Hill - Part 1 thumbnail photo
2014-05 Donna Hill - Part 2

   "Technology had blown the lid off of what was possible without sight."
Donna Hill - Part 2 thumbnail photo
2008-03 Dr. Nina Ghiselli

   "Rediscovering the Bookworm"
Dr. Nina Ghiselli thumbnail photo
2009-10 Elke Dittmer

   "DAISY is an association of the world: both the industrialized and developing world."
Elke Dittmer thumbnail photo
2013-12 Favourite Stories 2007-2010

   "Special: My 3 Favourite DAISY Stories 2007-2010"
2010-10 Gerel Dondow

   "With DAISY I feel myself as a sighted reader, easily navigating among the various provisions of legislations"
Gerel Dondow thumbnail photo
2009-03 Gerry Chevalier

   "Witnessed the revolutionary power of navigable DAISY books."
Gerry Chevalier thumbnail photo
2009-11 Gilles Pepin

   "I had no clue that this phone call would change the course of my career and of the company I had founded."
Gilles Pepin thumbnail photo
2014-01 Greg Aikens

   "Greg spent a month in Central Asia focusing on the needs of people with disabilities in developing nations."
Greg Aikens thumbnail photo
2007-09 Greg Kearney

   "DAISY for Adult Readers with Dyslexia"
Greg Kearney thumbnail photo
2007-11 Hiroshi Kawamura

   "DAISY For everyone by sharing knowledge"
Hiroshi Kawamura thumbnail photo
2012-03 Hoby Wedler - Part 1

   "I have a strong desire to know 'how' and 'why'"
Hoby Wedler - Part 1 thumbnail photo
2012-04 Hoby Wedler - Part 2

   "Learning Ally materials changed my life completely"
Hoby Wedler - Part 2 thumbnail photo
2010-01 Jim Fruchterman - Part 1

   "Rockets, Calera and Arkenstone"
Jim Fruchterman - Part 1 thumbnail photo
2010-02 Jim Fruchterman - Part 2

   "Benetech and Bookshare"
Jim Fruchterman - Part 2 thumbnail photo
2007-12 Jim Marks

   "DAISY enhances the reading experience"
Jim Marks thumbnail photo
2009-06 Jim Sanders

   "A man with a wonderful sense of humor"
Jim Sanders thumbnail photo
2012-09 John Gardner

   "My goal is to make mainstream math and graphics accessible"
John Gardner thumbnail photo
2011-04 John J. Boyer

   "this has meant dedicating the use of my abilities to benefit others"
John J. Boyer thumbnail photo
2013-08 Kartik Sawhney

   "Don't lose faith in yourself. Everything is possible."
Kartik Sawhney thumbnail photo
2010-09 Kathy Nimmer

   "I revel in the increased freedom of digital books and their smaller, more savvy devices"
Kathy Nimmer thumbnail photo
2009-08 Kenny Johar - Part 1

   "Success outside depends upon success inside."
Kenny Johar - Part 1 thumbnail photo
2009-09 Kenny Johar - Part 2

   "DAISY is the future of information access worldwide."
Kenny Johar - Part 2 thumbnail photo
2012-12 Kevin Carey

   "Behind all the positive developments there lies a deep problem: the graphics explosion"
Kevin Carey thumbnail photo
2014-06 Koen Krikhaar - Part 1

   "My commitment to accessible information and to better services for people with print disabilities turns out to be a lifelong one."
Koen Krikhaar - Part 1 thumbnail photo
2014-10 Koen Krikhaar - Part 2

   "It dawned on me that the UNCRPD was the missing link needed to bring the work of special libraries into an inclusive society with barrier free access to books and information."
Koen Krikhaar - Part 2 thumbnail photo
2011-02 Lars Ballieu Christensen

   "I'm working toward an accessible and inclusive information society"
Lars Ballieu Christensen thumbnail photo
2010-03 Lars Sönnebo (Part 1)

   "Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do"
Lars Sönnebo (Part 1) thumbnail photo
2010-04 Lars Sönnebo (Part 2) - Three DAISY Musketeers

   " Was DAISY really the right way to go?"
Lars Sönnebo (Part 2)  - Three DAISY Musketeers thumbnail photo
2016-12 Leslie Patterson Finds Successful Strategies to Teach Students with Dyslexia

   "Discover assistive technology to hear content read aloud."
Leslie Patterson Finds Successful Strategies to Teach Students with Dyslexia   thumbnail photo
2010-11 Liza Daly

   "When the web emerged, there was no question in my mind that this was about to usher in a fundamental shift in how we engaged with the world."
Liza Daly thumbnail photo
2013-09 Ludy Lee

   "Working at TDTB has indeed made my life meaningful"
Ludy Lee thumbnail photo
2013-04 Luz Rello

   "What you don't share gets lost."
Luz Rello thumbnail photo
2014-12 Lynn Leith

   "More than half my life has revolved around making information accessible."
Lynn Leith thumbnail photo
2010-06 Mai-Linn Holdt

   "An old problem suddenly changed into a challenging opportunity for a kid using DAISY"
Mai-Linn Holdt thumbnail photo
2016-06 Maribel Steel: New Focus on Accessible Publishing

   "eBooks in accessible formats is the next frontier to publishing."
Maribel Steel: New Focus on Accessible Publishing  thumbnail photo
2011-08 Marie Kouthoofd

   "The VR Stream and DAISY navigation changed everything for me"
Marie Kouthoofd thumbnail photo
2008-04 Marisa DeMeglio

   "From dotcom to DAISY"
Marisa DeMeglio thumbnail photo
2010-08 Mary Jane Barnett

   "Long before the development of DAISY, I was a reader"
Mary Jane Barnett thumbnail photo
2008-03 Mary Schnackenberg

   "I want it all, I want it now"
Mary Schnackenberg thumbnail photo
2013-01 Maryanne Diamond - Part 1

   "Access to information has been a major challenge for me in every aspect of my life"
Maryanne Diamond - Part 1 thumbnail photo
2013-02 Maryanne Diamond - Part 2

   "I was not afraid to take opportunities which came my way."
Maryanne Diamond - Part 2 thumbnail photo
2013-03 Matt Garrish

   "Every child should have the same access to those transcendent moments that books brought me."
Matt Garrish thumbnail photo
2012-11 Mayu Hamada

   "Many things still have to be done."
Mayu Hamada thumbnail photo
2008-07 Michael Hingson (Part 1)

   "A life changed forever"
Michael Hingson (Part 1) thumbnail photo
2008-08 Michael Hingson (Part 2)

   "One sensory modality isn't enough for any of us"
Michael Hingson (Part 2) thumbnail photo
2012-06 Nancy and Peter Torpey

   "Life isn't all about work"
Nancy and Peter Torpey thumbnail photo
2009-02 Napur Jain

   "Success made possible through the DAISY library of NAB"
Napur Jain thumbnail photo
2012-05 Neil Jarvis

   "My whole life had been leading up to this role"
Neil Jarvis thumbnail photo
2011-05 Niels Thogersen

   "We were not aware of the opportunities that would arrive with DAISY"
Niels Thogersen thumbnail photo
2011-06 Niels Thogersen (Part 2)

   "Collaboration had not really been a part of the picture - until DAISY"
Niels Thogersen (Part 2) thumbnail photo
2008-10 Pedro Zurita

   "Working toward a society that is truly for all"
Pedro Zurita thumbnail photo
2008-09 Penny Hartin

   "Advocate for the rights of blind and low vision persons"
Penny Hartin thumbnail photo
2011-09 Prashant and Veena Verma - Part 1

   "Sometimes life has a strange way of bringing two people together"
Prashant and Veena Verma - Part 1 thumbnail photo
2011-10 Prashant and Veena Verma - Part 2

   "Prashant and Veena Verma are role models for everyone regardless of ability or disability"
Prashant and Veena Verma - Part 2 thumbnail photo
2015-06 Richard Orme: My Journey to Improve Access and Technologies

   "I joined DAISY at an interesting time."
Richard Orme: My Journey to Improve Access and Technologies thumbnail photo
2014-09 Romain Deltour

   "This meeting opened my eyes to accessibility matters and the awesome power of technology to improve access to information."
Romain Deltour thumbnail photo
2013-06 Ron McCallum

   "We can transport those books across borders and give life to people particularly in developing countries - I want that to happen."
Ron McCallum thumbnail photo
2008-12 Savita Singh

   "A dream of ... a library where all the books are available in an accessible format"
Savita Singh thumbnail photo
2009-01 Shinano Kenshi

   "Moto Kaneko shares how Shinano Kenshi Co., Ltd. began its ongoing commitment to DAISY"
Shinano Kenshi thumbnail photo
2012-01 Stephen King - Part 1

   "Anything is possible for someone who is blind: that stuck with me ever since"
Stephen King - Part 1 thumbnail photo
2012-02 Stephen King - Part 2

   " I knew we could change the world"
Stephen King - Part 2 thumbnail photo
2010-12 Thomas Kahlisch

   "Now the DAISY train is rolling through the whole world and it also stops at many places in Germany to let people get on board."
Thomas Kahlisch thumbnail photo
2008-01 Tom Dinning (Part 1)

   "DAISY has so much to offer that I wonder why we would do it any other way."
Tom Dinning (Part 1) thumbnail photo
2008-02 Tom Dinning (Part 2)

   "It's quite exciting to see a young student who was previously feeling out of the picture now being in control."
Tom Dinning (Part 2) thumbnail photo
2013-05 Tony Giles

   "Seeing The World My Way"
Tony Giles thumbnail photo
2011-03 Tribute to Nesbit

   "A Special Story"
Tribute to Nesbit thumbnail photo
2014-11 Vashkar Bhattacharjee

   "DAISY showed me the exact thing that I want and need to ease the way for education for visually impaired students."
Vashkar Bhattacharjee thumbnail photo
2009-12 Vincent Spiewak

   "I immediately understood that DAISY is the replacement for audio tapes/CDs that my aunt used, that it was the standard for digital talking books."
Vincent Spiewak thumbnail photo