The tables are not visible in Lux Daisy.

Hi. I'm using MS Office 2010 with Pipeline and Save as Daisy. I have a problem with tables using these programs. When I put the complete daisy xml file in Lux daisy, the tables I have placed are not visible. Only letters come out. I don´t know what to do. Does anyone know what the solution would be? Thanks for your attention.

Greetings from Seoul.

Hi cinoio,

The Lux DAISY app is not available in my country and therefore i am not able to test it as yet. Some DAISY apps do not support tables.

However, it is important to check if your DAISY book is correctly formatted. You can test your book on other DAISY apps. You can try Kota DAISY Reader on Android or EasyReader on Windows. If tables display in these apps then the issue is with the Lux DAISY app. If you find that there is a problem with the book, I can help you fix it. You will need to send the Word document to me.