OBI does not Export Empty section (non empty sub section yes)


Hello Rachana and Avneesh, we created from scratch in OBI 3.9.4 a new book. We created empty sections (level 2) with sub sections (level 3) with Audio.Like this:

When we exported in DAISY 2.02 in OBI we were informed there are empty sections that will not be exported neither their subsections (at least it is the message in french).

But when we Export and then look in the NCC HTML, the section H1 'Dossier' is in (this is normal), NOT the section H2 'Tu entres en...'

(again seems normal) BUT the sub sections H3 'Dico' and 'Le conseil...' are all there. This does not seem normal if we refer to the

message. In addition (and it was our initial problem) if you IMPORT in OBI  all the exported files then you get an error message and the

book is imported in OBI partly (up to 'Dossier' but nothing after 'Dossier'). The H3 subsections are not displayed back in OBI.

Capture of the NCC HTML exported:

Could you clarify , please ?

Thanks for your help



Hello Eric,

Thanks for mailing us.

Let's have an example, consider a book structure like this:

Heading h1 (with audio)
Heading h2 (empty section)
Heading h3 (with audio)

If i export it , there wont be any error, the export file will look like this:

Heading h1 (with audio)
Heading h3 (with audio)

Empty section(h2) wont be exported.Here the order of hierarchy is wrong so when you import this file in obi, an exception is thrown.On pressing OK button in exception messagebox, Obi will work fine without any error.

Note: It is recommended not to export project with empty section.

Hope i have clarified your issue.
If you want to send us any of the NCC/OPF file and images, please mail us at .

With Regards