How to convert a Microsoft Word document to accessible EPUB3

Original Author(s): Prashant Ranjan Verma

Using a combination of Microsoft Word, Save as DAISY add-in and Tobi you can easily convert any content to the latest EPUB 3 format. You can include accessibility features like rich navigation, image descriptions and even media overlay in your EPUB 3.

The process to be followed is:

Step1: Create an accessible document in Microsoft Word

Mark up the document in Microsoft Word using built-in styles. Provide "alt text" to images(short descriptions) and take care of the tables, footnotes and lists.

For details see this video: Eight Steps To Creating Accessible Microsoft Word Documents

Also check out Text mark-up guidelines for Save as DAISY

Step 2: Create a DAISY book or DTBook XML file

Validate the document with the DAISY Translator and make sure that it is free of errors. Now convert the document to either DTBook XML or a full DAISY book using the Save As DAISY menu.

These steps are explained in the following DAISYpedia articles and videos:

Errors during mark-up may stop conversion of the Word document to XML or full DAISY. The common issues and their resolution is described here: Save as DAISY: Troubleshooting common translation errors

Step 3: Use Tobi to create EPUB3

Open Tobi and from the FILE menu choose “DAISY to EPUB3". If Tobi is properly installed with Pipeline 2, it will prompt you to select the input file. Select the *.OPF file if you want to create EPUB3 with media overlay or the *.XML file to create EPUB3 with text and images only. Tobi will process the input and create an EPUB3 file.

These steps are explained in detail in the DAISYpedia article Tobi: Convert DAISY books to EPUB 3.

Use any EPUB 3 reader such as Readium, Adobe Digital Editions, VitalSource Bookshelf Android or iBooks to open this file.

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