The focal point in Nepal was established in August 2005.

Kathmandu, Nepal
August 22 - 27, 2005
Conducted by Prashant Ranjan Verma, Santosh Khare and Miki Azuma
Assisted by Dipendra Manocha


This training course focused on NCC only production using MyStudio PC and Sigtuna DAR 3 and full text production using Sigtuna DAR 3.

Most of the trainees were able to create 4 or 5 different DTBs during this training. However, there were few people who were not really familiar with the usage of the computer and sometimes it was quite hard to support those people at the same time. There was a participant from Pakistan who was not really familiar with the usage of the computer and JAWS and it was really hard for this person to follow the pace of others. We thought that it would not be good if this person felt left alone while we had to help others and also if one of us had to be with this person all the time not supporting others when they had problems. We finally decided to have Birendra all the time with this person to help the use of MyStudio PC creating ToC only projects. After we made that choice, the training went rather smoothly and there were few people who could work quickly and helped others when others had problems. There were people mainly from two organization and the coordination between these organization and others has no problem, the implimentation of the DAISY Production in Nepal will be successful.

For this training course, Prashant and Santosh who participated in the International Trainer's Training, assisted in the Focal Point Training in India in 2003, and participated as trainers in the Focal Point Training in Sri Lanka in 2004 participated. Prashant did the most of the part in the training and Santosh covered some parts in the training. It seems that Prashant would be able to do the whole training by himself if all the materials are prepared. Even though he is not confident enough to do the training by himself, his knowledge level and presentation skill are enough to become for being a good trainer. Santosh is really good at assisting others but when it comes to take a lead in the training, he was not able to conduct a session by himself without a help of Prashant or Miki.

With this report, there are three documents attached.

  1. Full Training Evaluation by participants [dfafpt_evaluation_nepal.txt]
  2. Summary of Training Evaluation by participants [dfafpt_evaluation_nepal_summary.txt]
  3. Evaluation on Participants by Trainers [evaluation_participants_nepal.xls].

The course outline follows.

Course Outline

  • Introduction of the Trainees & Trainers
  • Course Goals, Prerequisites and Outcomes
  • Course Documentation
Introduction to DAISY Digital Talking Books
  • The DAISY Consortium
  • DTB functionality overview
  • User groups and use scenarios overview
  • Playback tools overview
DAISY DTB Production
  • Recap: DTB types
  • DAISY DTB Production Tools
  • Workflow and Project Management
NCC-Only DTB Production
  • Book Structure, Brief overview
  • Introduction to MyStudio PC
    • Create ToC only book: "About Myself"
    • Direct Recording in MyStudio PC
    • Editing
    • Build Book
  • NCC only Production: Text Import
  • Sigtuna DAR 3
    • Main screen overview and functions
    • Project set up
    • Phrase detection & Recording settings
    • Audio calibration
    • Recording
    • Editing
    • Practice: Produce DAISY 2.02 NCC (type 2) book - using the Introduction to DAISY document
    • Project Cleanup
    • Metadata
    • Quality Assurance (QA Player)
    • Wave Import
    • Display options
    • Tape Transfer
    • Wave Import
Introduction to XHTML
  • The XHTML language; hands on practice markup and validation
  • The different elements
  • The prologue or the header
Optional Topic:Introduction to Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)
  • The basic function of CSS
Introduction to MDF
  • The basic structure of MDF
Sigtuna DAR 3: Producing a Full Text DAISY DTB
  • Project set up
  • Recording
  • Editing
  • Installing external encoders
  • Audio Compression
  • Export (Build a project)
  • Encoding all the projects
DTB Validation and Migration
  • Daisy 2.02 Validator
  • Daisy 2.02 Regenerator
  • Regeneration and validation of all projects
CD creation and Playback in different software
  • CD creation
    • discinfo.html
    • Multi-volume CD
Review, Questions and Answers
Filling up of Evaluation Forms